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Otosclerosis Surgery


Otologic Implantation

Note: review "Intact Canal Wall Mastoidectomy" before "Cochlear Implantation" or "Vibrant Sound Bridge Placement".

Intact Canal Wall Mastoidectomy
Cochlear Implantation
Vibrant Sound Bridge Placement

Mastoidectomy & Trans-temporal Bone Skull Base Surgery

Note: these videos build upon each other sequentially.

Intact Canal Wall Mastoidectomy

Canal-Wall-Down Mastoidectomy
Labyrinthectomy: Translabyrinthine Approach to the Internal Auditory Canal
Transcochlear Approach to the Petrous Apex
Surgical Management of Nasal Obstruction
ENT Manifestation of Allergies

Skin Testing Methods

Allergen Selection

Environmental Control Strategies

Pharmacotherapy for Allergic Rhinitis


Navigating the Allergy Testing Clinic

Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Food Allergy Diagnosis

Food Allergy Treatment

Preparing Five-Fold Dilutions

Finding the Endpoint

Immunotherapy for Environmental Allergies

Immunotherapy Preparation & Escalation

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