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Speechreading Training

Speechreading (or lipreading) is the ability to make use of the visual cues provided by the mouth and face during conversation to receive and understand spoken language within the context of hearing loss.


During evaluation, speech pathologists:

  • Review hearing history.
  • Discuss current concerns and needs.
  • Assess current listening and speechreading skills.
  • Discuss results and recommended an individualized treatment program.


Patients are provided with instruction regarding specific cues for individual speech sounds and sound groups, as well as strategies for making use of these cues for self-advocacy. Patients then engage in training activities to improve their use of these strategies and cues.


Nancy Gellar
Nancy Geller, M.A.
Supervisor of the Weill Cornell Medicine Speech Pathology Program, Speech-Language Pathologist
Yvonne Knapp
Yvonne Knapp, M.S.
Speech-Language Pathologist
(646) 962-3681

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Speechreading Training
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