Pediatric Hearing Aids

Once a child is diagnosed with any degree of hearing loss, they may be a candidate for amplification. The first step is a medical evaluation by a pediatric otolaryngologistA medical evaluation assesses the auditory system of the child and may identify the etiology and potential prognosis of the hearing loss. Once medical clearance for hearing aids is received, the child can obtain amplification. 

In New York State, any child diagnosed under 3 years of age may be eligible for referral to the Early Intervention (EI) program This is a State-funded resource for children that may provide audiology and speech-language pathology services at no cost to the family. 

At Weill Cornell Medicine, we offer a loaner hearing aid program that provides amplification to children while they are in the process of obtaining EI approval. This will ensure the child has appropriate access to sound as soon as possible. 

Traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids consistent of two main components: the body of the hearing aid and the custom earmold.  The body of the hearing aid sits on the child’s pinna (ear) and receives, processes and amplifies sounds in the environment. The hearing aid is then attached to a custom silicone earmold which provides retention and introduces the appropriately amplified sound to the child's auditory system. The custom earmold is re-made as the child grows to accommodate a larger ear size. 

Please speak with your pediatric audiologist to further investigate whether traditional amplification is appropriate for your child. 

After a hearing aid has been dispensed, follow-up visits may be needed to fine-tune and assess the performance the device. All Weill Cornell Medicine hearing aid patients work with an audiologist for best personal outcome and benefit. 


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Pediatric Hearing Aids
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