Electronystagmogrophy (ENG) & Videonystagmography (VNG) Testing

ElectroNystagmoGraphy (ENG) and VideoNystagmoGraphy (VNG) tests are part of a comprehensive evaluation conducted to detect pathologies within the vestibular (balance) system and determine a potential site of lesion: either vestibular end organ or central vestibular system.

During an ENG test, electrodes are placed around the eye to measure the vestibular ocular reflex. During a VNG test, infrared glasses are placed on the eye to allow monitoring of the vestibular ocular reflex. Afterward, a computer analysis of collected data is performed, and the results are interpreted by an audiologist to determine the integrity of the balance system.

ENG and VNG tests consist of three components:

  1. Oculomotor testing, in which a patient tracks light on a screen in order to assess their visual system.
  2. Positional testing, in which eye movements are monitored in different head and body positions to assess the effect of position changes on the patient’s vestibular system.
  3. Caloric testing, in which cool and warm air introduced into the patient’s ear is used to measure response and assess the integrity of the vestibular system. 

Preparation for Testing

  • Discontinue alcohol consumption at least 48 hours prior to the evaluation.
  • Discontinue eating three hours before the evaluation.
    • All meals prior to that should be light.
    • Do not drink coffee, tea, soda or any beverage containing caffeine within 24 hours of the test.
  • Do not wear contact lenses to the exam. Please wear glasses if you have them.
  • Refrain from applying eye makeup before the evaluation.
  • Avoid the following medications for up to 48 hours prior to the evaluation. Do not discontinue any medications without first consulting your physician.
    • Anti-nausea medications (Dramamine, Compazine, Bonine, Marezine, etc.).
    • Anti-vertigo medications (Antivert, Meclizine, etc.).
    • Tranquilizers (Valium, Librium, etc.).
    • Sedatives (sleeping pills, etc.).
    • Narcotics and barbiturates (Phenobarbital, Codeine, Benadryl, over-the-counter cold remedies, etc.).

For more information, contact us: (646) 962-5347. Kindly provide 48 hours’ notice for cancellation.

Test Results

Following your evaluation, an audiologist will analyze the data and prepare a report for your physician to review. A follow-up appointment is typically scheduled with your physician one week after the test. 

Locations for Testing

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Electronystagmogrophy (ENG) & Videonystagmography (VNG) Testing
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