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Auditory Training

Auditory training is the method by which a hearing aid user or cochlear implant recipient is taught how to use the sound provided by their device(s) to receive and understand speech and spoken language.


During evaluation, speech-language pathologists:

  • Review hearing history.
  • Discuss the sounds received through a hearing aid or cochlear implant and how they change or normalize over time.
  • Assess current listening skills.
  • Discuss individual capabilities based on auditory capacity.
  • Discuss an individualized treatment program.


Auditory training consists of one-on-one sessions with a speech-language pathologist who designs and implements specific activities to improve hearing aid and/or cochlear implant listening skills. While some improvement in listening will occur naturally with the receipt of a hearing aid or cochlear implant, most patients benefit from skilled treatment which targets more challenging auditory skills and results in more rapid progress.


Nancy Gellar
Nancy Geller, M.A.
Supervisor of the Weill Cornell Medicine Speech Pathology Program, Speech-Language Pathologist
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Auditory Training
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