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Auditory Speech & Language Therapy

Auditory speech and language therapy is intervention designed to improve an individual’s auditory and spoken language skills through a variety of targeted, engaging activities. Children, teenagers and adults who are either born with or develop a hearing loss require specialized treatment to use the sound provided by hearing aids and cochlear implants to develop auditory and spoken language abilities. 


During evaluation, speech pathologists:

  • Review auditory and developmental histories.
  • Discuss current concerns and needs.
  • Assess current auditory speech and language skills.
  • Discuss results and recommended an individualized treatment program.


Pediatric Patients

A functional, play-based approach is utilized to engage children in stimulating and enjoyable activities to teach specific auditory and spoken language skills appropriate for their age and skill level. Parents are involved in therapy sessions in order to impart strategies for transference of goals outside of the therapeutic environment. The overall goal of therapy is the development of age-appropriate communication skills.


Therapy consists of one-on-one sessions with a speech-language pathologist who designs and implements specific listening and/or speaking activities to improve communication skills. Strategies for improving communication within typical day-to-day interactions are emphasized.


Nancy Gellar
Nancy Geller, M.A.
Supervisor of the Weill Cornell Medicine Speech Pathology Program, Speech-Language Pathologist
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Auditory Speech & Language Therapy
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