How I Do It panel

The Triological Society

At the Triological Society Combined Sections meeting held in Coronado Island, California, on January 24-26, 2019, the Weill Cornell Department was well-represented.  

Dr. Ashutosh Kacker was invited to present at the Triological Society Best Practices Panel which led off the meeting.

Another invited panel was a "How I Do It" Video Panel, and of the four invited panelists, two were from Weill Cornell:  Dr. Lucian Sulica and Dr. Vikash Modi.  Dr. Sulica spoke on "Office Based Injection Laryngoplasty" and Dr. Modi spoke on "Endoscopic Laryngeal Type 3 Cleft Repair Techniques."  It is quite a honor to have two faculty from the same Department on an invited panel, which also included Dr. Roland Eavey from Vanderbilt, Dr. Erica Thaler from Penn, and Dr. Katherine Kendall from Utah.  

Also Dr. Anthony Sclafani presented a poster with resident Dr. Arron Cole, and Weill Cornell medical student Michael Cheng presented a poster with faculty Dr. David Kutler and other co-authors.

(Pictured in photo-Dr. Modi, far right, and Dr. Sulica, right central) 

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