Dr. James Curtis, Director of the AIR Lab, presents on the topic of “Evaluation and Treatment of Reflex and Voluntary Cough” at the inaugural New York City Dysphagia Symposium.

On October 20th and 21st of 2023, Dysphagia Café, a popular blogsite with a wide reaching international audience comprised mainly of dysphagia-specialized speech-language pathologists, hosted its inaugural New York City Dysphagia Symposium at Lenox Hill Hospital. This two-day conference was attended by over 250 dysphagia-treating clinician with 26 nationally and internationally invited speakers. Dr. Curtis had the honor of presenting on the topic of the evaluation and treatment of reflex and voluntary cough. The aim of the presentation was to equip clinicians with the knowledge and skills to immediately integrate assessment and treatment of cough into routine clinical practice. Congratulations to Dr. Curtis on a successful presentation, and congratulations to Dysphagia Café on a insightful and practice changing conference!



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